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Founded: February 24, 1916

On February 7, 1916 the Fishermen’s Union met with other local sportsmen to discuss combining the Gunmen and Fisherman of the city into one organization.

Devotees of line and shell got together on Thursday February 24, 1916 to form the South Haven Rod & Gun Club and elect the following officers; President-Herbert Parker, Vice-President-John Sweet, Secretary-Ed Kagel, and Treasurer-James Chandler.

The club entered into its first lease on November 1, 1930.  The lease was for 3.1 acres of land owned by Charles and Emma Skinner. 

Charter Member MUCC 1937

On November 9, 1937, Ninety-two conservationists representing 35 outdoor clubs held a historic meeting at the Shiawassee Conservation Association. To protect Michigan's out-of-doors, they formed a united front for conservation and created the Michigan United Conservation Clubs.

Incorporated as a 501c4

On November 18, 1948, the South Haven Rod and Gun Association incorporated into what is known as the South Haven Rod and Gun Club, Inc.  Shortly after incorporation the club purchased land in 1950 and built our very own club house.  Located at the corner of 2nd Ave (East Wells St.) and 73rd St. (Wal-Mart Road & just west of Stone's Meat Packing) the club thrived for the next 12 years. 

1961 sold property to State of Michigan for I-196 project.

The club owned 14 acres at the corner of 2nd Ave and 73rd St. Fortunately for us the State of Michigan wanted to put a Highway through our front door.  The club sold the property for $25,000 and moved to the current location on 8th Ave. Yes it really was through the front door. The old club house once sat at Mile Marker 21 on the northbound lane of I-196.

Current Location:

1968 built East Trap field

1985 built West Trap Field

1997 Honored by MUCC for being one of the 6 Charter Members still in existence on the 60th anniversary

1998 built pole barn

1999 started New Rifle range

2001 completed Rifle Range

2003 started Range Improvement / Berm project

2006 Celebrate 90 years Serving the Community