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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the South Haven Rod & Gun Club?

Download / Print an application and submit it with payment. The Membership Committee then reviews your Application and makes recommendations to the Membership at the next Membership Meeting. In most cases you will be in at that time. If not payment will be refunded.

Is the Membership Open to anyone?

From our By-Laws:

Article III


Section 1:           Eligibility

a:           Any person, legally in the United States, who is also a member of the National Rifle Association of America and while he or she remains of good repute shall be eligible to be a member of the South Haven Rod & Gun Club.

b:           Eligibility requirements shall not in any manner be based on a personís race, color, religion, sex or national origin, and no such discriminatory records shall be maintained by the South Haven Rod & Gun Club.

Section 4:           All memberships shall run from January 1st to December 31st.


How do I get a key for the facilities?

Attend an orientation. Orientations are normally given at 6:00pm on meeting nights.  If you are from out of town or work odd hours then special arrangements can be made.

Send an email to membership@shrgc.org to make arrangements..

Can I bring a Guest?

YES, we encourage this, your guest is a possible new member.

Remember, YOU are responsible for ALL guests. See By-Laws for details


When are the ranges open?

Ranges are normally open 9:00am to 9:00pm. However you must play nice with the other kids. If someone else is doing an activity that will interfere with your shooting, talk to them, most people do not spend all day at the range. The range can be closed for other activities, maintenance, or flooding.

The last time I was at the range I could not shoot because of maintenance on the range, How can I find out if maintenance is being done on the range?

Scheduled range clean up days are listed in the newsletter and / or calendar. General Maintenance (mowing, weed whacking, etc.) is done on a volunteer schedule. It is very hard to work around every memberís individual schedules to find time to mow and other types of  maintenance. If you show up to the range and a clean up crew is working, then join in. The more help they have the faster things get done. If the grass is being mowed check with the person mowing and find out when he thinks he will done. His time is valuable, the same as yours.

Can I borrow Club property?

Yes, our members are allowed to check out the tables, chairs, and other property that belong to the Club. The KEY WORDS are check out. Contact the President  to make arrangements. It is on a first come, first served basis. We do loan our property to other organizations in the community. Schedule your needs early so there will be no conflict with Club Activities or others.

What is a Berm?

A berm is a BIG pile of dirt.  The purpose of a berm is to catch bullets. When shooting on the Outdoor Ranges always shoot directly into the berm at the end of the range.

Why are the Pin Table, Pistol Ready Stand, or Target Frames shot up?

Because some of OUR members are not as good a shot as they think they are, or they used a Range Item for a purpose for which it was not intended.

Remember this Club belongs to ALL of US. When WE shoot up the furniture everyone pays.


How do WE stop damage to the Range Equipment?

If you catch someone causing damage, using an item for other then the purpose it was intended, ask them to STOP, get their NAME, and REPORT it to a Board Member. WE do have procedures in our By-Laws to ask this person to leave the Club.

There are no chairs on the Outdoor Rifle Range!

Chairs are stored in the Range Building. If you find some out, please put them away when done. The door on the Range building can be hard to openÖ.Just push.

Why are the Target Frames in such bad shape?

Each year the Club builds new Target Frames for the rifle range. This is at a cost of about $200.  We understand that Target Frames are considered a consumable product. However, by not placing targets or things to shoot at on top of them or attached to the legs, will allow them to last more than a year.

Why should I place my target in the center of the Target Frames? There is a hole there.

First, The hole is from other shooters, there is supposed to be one there, that is where the target goes, along with the bullet. If you hang the target to the side then it is more likely that you will hit and damage the frame.

On the Indoor Range there is a material hanging in front of the bullet stop, what is it for? And it has a lot of holes in it, does it need to be replaced?.

The material on the Indoor Range was installed to help reduce bounce back. Our bullet trap is a steel and sand trap. It is possible to have a bullet or piece of a bullet bounce out of the trap. The material is there to catch / slow the items down.

The LARGE holes are from members shooting. The targets are placed in a specific spot (under the lane number) and over time the shooting takes a toll on the material. But as long as members hang targets over the HOLES the material can still do itís job, catch bounce backs.

Action Pistol and some of our classes that are held at the Club however place the targets in various positions that do not use the lane numbers. This is the cause for all the other holes.

Every so often the material is determined to have out lived itís usefulness, at that time WE replace it. Some times the Club buys new material and some times, THANKS to donations, we acquire more material.